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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I found this little piece of juicy stuff a few minutes ago. - Babjak

Irene just sent this over and has posted it on AG to try to cheer them up... they seem a bit down over there

I found this little piece of juicy stuff a few minutes ago.

Here is a video from Thunder Bay News watch dated  Jan.29, 2011.
It is a video of Michael Gravelle being interviewed. Important points to note are :
A growth plan was to be released before Christmas but was delayed.
Reasons given were: last October's municpal elections played a role in postponing the release: new majors wanted a chance to get "settled in" to their positions and it also allowed more time for Michael Gravelle's and the  Northern Liberals to discuss some of the measures in the growth plan.
Michael Gravelle said "he is KEEN to release this plan."
This plan will guide decision making and investment planning in the next 25 years.
Community leaders will be briefed on the plan before it is released to the public.
Bring on the Plan. Video is below.


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