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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comments on the NOT Release; Email update from Babjack

As far as Not, it is holding up well on a horrible commodity day. I like the 203m of 4.6% nickel.

I like the drawing shown http:/norontresources.com/find/id/55/Qp. I can only imagine what AT12 holds. The BOD seems confident that AT12 will be bigger than eagles nest. The purple feeder zone is larger on the drawing and the stuff below is richer ie Black Thor , Black Creek, Big Daddy than Noront's Blackstone, Blackbird.

Hopefully the richer chromite generates a richer nickel-copper feeder. The purple size on the map showing the feeder before you hit the chromite is certainly visually larger than eagles nest.

I'm excited to see how the year will finish. I have faith in this BOD and I believe there is a wack of stuff going on we have no clue about. So many posters are convinced they are bumbling idiots.
When you look at the resume of each person involved and see the excellence they acheived BEFORE coming to Noront. Either they have all undergone frontal lobotomies, or this stalling tactic and dummish appearance tactic is a way to get more retail to sell while the cared for ones accumulate.

I believe this to be the case. There is an orchestrated plan by Warren Irwin and friends for maximum profit.
Protect the company first by putting it into safe hands to avoid a takeover(step 1).

Step2 (work on the Aboriginal support)

Step3 Hold back on "producing the wow factor" until gov't steps up to the plate with money. This way you make more. Let them pay some bucks. If you show you are rich and full of gold, the gov't will not kick in money.

Step4 sign detailed understanding with the aboriginals. Make sure every line is dotted and crossed. Make sure the best lawyers look at it. When you finally show what this area is worth you don't want every Nan, dick and Harry looking for a piece of the pie after the fact.

I think this year will finish off reasonably well because of the upcoming elections.

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