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Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's coming Folks. What we've been waiting for. The dots are starting to fly from the sky.

Let's refreshen the facts "

(1) Nov.3-4. 2010 McGuinty goes to China and meets with Eric Huang.
Eric Huang is  President of Citic Merchant Bank

(2)June 2009, Eric Huang, President of Citic Merchant bank agrees to serve as director of The Dundee Merchant Bank

(3) Citic Capital holdings Ltd is the investment arm of sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp.(CIC)

(4) We have a NR Wed. Jan.12, about China Investment Corp(CIC)....Will unveil plans for an office in Canada's Financial capital next week. China is preparing to step up its investments in Canada.

A number of bankers say that they are expecting an increase in investments by Chinese firms and investors in Canada over the coming months.

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