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Friday, January 7, 2011

Economic Drivers

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The biggest economic driver is seen in this picture below. If it doesn't come out on this post it's a picture of an aboriginal child with his back turned.

It's not about pinching hydro pennies and squeezing out that last nickel of profit.

It's hard to mine when there is a blockade going on.

Noront has been very smart in spite of what many think here. This picture below is your driver . Your most important consideration. To not consider to the voices of the people who RESIDE near these deposits is a BIG mistake.

They are the best at telling you where the refinerie(S) should be.

There's an expression save a nickel spend a dime. Voisey Bay hopefully taught a lesson.
IT was SNC-Lavalin Inc. that was awarded the project and construction management contract for Mine/Mill in 1997 for Voisey Bay. I am sure they learned a lot from this experience.

Let's not forget that Wes Hanson and Paul Semple have SNC Lavalin roots.

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