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Monday, January 17, 2011

Warren Irwin

You can like him or hate him. It is your choice.
Here are some facts:

(1) Oct. 9, 2008
Rosseau Asset Management Ltd. to propose new slate of directors for Noront Resources Ltd.
    TORONTO, Oct. 9 /CNW/ - Rosseau Asset Management Ltd. ("Rosseau")
announced today that it will be proposing a new slate of directors for Noront
Resources Ltd. ("Noront") for election at the upcoming annual and special
meeting of the shareholders of Noront to be held on October 28, 2008 (the
"Meeting"). Rosseau and its officers and employees collectively own or control
an aggregate of 11,912,901 common shares of Noront, representing approximately
9.2% of the common shares of Noront entitled to be voted at the Meeting.

            Mr. Warren B. Irwin, the President and Chief Investment Officer of
Rosseau, stated: "Noront is a mining company with great potential based on its
discovery in the McFaulds Lake area in the James Bay Lowlands, but it is
suffering from a lack of focus and inadequate direction, oversight and
leadership from Noront's existing board of directors and President and Chief
Executive Officer. The time has come to provide Noront with the direction and
leadership it requires through a new board of directors. The Rosseau Nominees
have the right experience in prospecting, geology, exploration, mining, public
companies, corporate development, corporate governance, capital markets and
other matters to allow Noront to begin realizing on its full potential. They
also all share one vision and commitment, which is to enhance value for the
benefit of all shareholders of Noront."
        Mr. Irwin concluded: "Notwithstanding our concerns about Noront's current
board of directors and President and Chief Executive Officer, we have never
lost faith in the McFaulds Lake discovery and believe that, with proper
leadership, oversight and vision, Noront's long-term prospects are bright. We
are confident that the Rosseau Nominees will move firmly and decisively to
focus Noront's business and operations on the core McFaulds Lake discovery and
to develop and then implement a multi-year plan to maximize the value of that
discovery over the long-term for the benefit of Noront's shareholders."
(2) June 2010Rosseau LP Ranked No. 1 Event Driven Hedge Fund in the World over the past 5- and 10-year periodsTORONTO, June 1 /CNW/ - Rosseau Limited Partnership was ranked the No. 1 Event Driven Hedge Fund globally by BarclayHedge for both the 5- and 10-year periods ending December 31, 2009 with average annual compound rates of return of 25.27% and 21.47%, respectively. Warren Irwin, founder and portfolio manager, is pleased to be recognized by an industry leader like BarclayHedge for Rosseau's achievements. "In the past, we have received recognition for our returns in specific years, but to receive it for our longer-term record is especially satisfying. Rosseau takes a long-term approach to investing and we look forward to working hard to ensure our solid returns continue over the next 10 years."

About Rosseau: Rosseau Asset Management Ltd. is a Toronto-based money management firm that caters to high net worth and institutional investors globally. Rosseau's objective is to maximize long-term capital appreciation through North American special situation and event driven investing, with an emphasis on Canada. A core competency in fundamental research allows Rosseau to identify opportunities in corporate restructurings, turnarounds, bankruptcies, unique growth opportunities and special situations. Assets under management are in excess of $200 million.

Many are upset with the current Noront Share price. I don't like the current share price either.But, I will say this, "I believe "in the PLAN."You many not like Warren Irwin because of the "current" share price. But, I will admit,with return that this man has generated for him shareholders at Rosseau, ....I would give him my money.2000 was a bad year and 2008 was a horrible year. To have averaged 21.47% in spite of these two rotten yearsshows talent.  To be number 1 in the world shows tremendous talent. As much as I don't like the current share priceI feel somewhat better knowing #1 is involved. Eventually the patience will pay off for us and the high net worth individuals and institutional investors. I looked at my 5 year and 10 year RRSP average and I will admit this, "I wish I qualifed to have this guy manage my money!" I suggest you look at your average annual compound rates of return 5- and 10-year periods ending December 31, 2009.In my case, the years 2000 & 2008 wiped out my gains during the "good years."


  1. Guess not quite huh. This guy is out for himself. He guts companies and then says "Look at all money I made". Those 'returns' mean nothing.

  2. those returns mean nothing? Give your head a shake. Apparently you prefer to be a gambler instead of an investor. Kudos to those that have the vision and insight to make such returns. Sounds like you wish you had those kind of smarts.