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Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to the Ring of Fire Monitor

Ring of fire Concerns

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Seems like a big war brewing about the location of the smelter (s). Seems everybody wants it. One day the world will wake up and the desire for our Noront shares will be equally heated. In this article at the bottom it mentions :
"Gravelle was unavailable to provide comment on Hobb’s statements Thursday afternoon, but a news conference is now scheduled for Friday morning in Thunder Bay. "


Ring of Fire concerns

By Scott Paradis, tbnewswatch.com
  • Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs
    Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs
Thunder Bay’s mayor says he’s worried the Minister of Northern Development and Mines isn’t fighting hard enough for the Thunder Bay riding he represents.

Mayor Keith Hobbs reacted to comments made by MPP Michael Gravelle (Lib., Thunder Bay – Superior North) on Tuesday. The MPP, who also serves as Ontario’s minister of northern development, mines and forestry, suggested during an interview with local media that he would be happy to see all of Northern Ontario benefit from Ring of Fire activity.

"While I can take my hat off and speak as the MPP for Thunder Bay – Superior North, and would be delighted indeed if that location (for the processing facility) was in my riding, I think what's most important ultimately is that we see the benefits come to all parts of Northern Ontario,” Gravelle said.

As for the location of a possible Ontario-based refinery for the Ring of Fire, Gravelle said “there are some locations that simply make more sense than others related to the availability of infrastructure that's in place.”

Hobbs fired back during an interview with local media on Thursday, telling reporters that Gravelle needs to think of his riding before other parts of the province.

“Mr. Gravelle is hinting that the Ring of Fire process centre won’t be in Thunder Bay,” Hobb said. “This concerns me as the mayor of Thunder Bay.

“He is the minster of northern development and mines, but more importantly he’s the MPP for the Thunder Bay area, and not for Sault Ste. Marie or Timmins. So he needs to fight hard to have that processor here so I’m going to put him on the spot.”

He added that he believes the First Nations shareholders are being ignored somewhat and that those communities should have a say as to where a refinery for the Ring of Fire should be situated.

“I definitely want that processor in Thunder Bay. It was part of my campaign and something I will fight to get here.”

While Hobbs said it makes sense to have a processing plant in Thunder Bay because the city needs jobs and is strategically located on Lake Superior, other communities may argue that existing infrastructure is also an important factor.

Timmins, for example, is the home of the now closed Xstrata Kidd Metallurgical Site, which put some 670 employees out of work when the company decided to refine its product at a smelter site it owned in Quebec.

Gravelle was unavailable to provide comment on Hobb’s statements Thursday afternoon, but a news conference is now scheduled for Friday morning in Thunder Bay.

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